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ADA Smart Light Switch 3-Way White

ADA Smart Light Switch 3-Way White

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Introducing our Smart Light Switch with 3-way Wifi connectivity—an innovation designed to elevate your home's lighting control. Seamlessly integrate this switch into your smart home ecosystem, allowing you to effortlessly manage your lights remotely with a single tap on your smartphone. Experience the convenience of adjusting lighting levels, setting schedules, and optimizing energy usage from anywhere, all while enjoying a sleek and modern design that complements your living space. Upgrade to a smarter, more efficient way of illuminating your surroundings with our Smart Light Switch 1-way Wifi connectivity.

**Compatibility and Setup**: Ensure a functioning neutral wire in your switch boxes for optimal operation. This Smart Light Switch exclusively operates on a 2.4 GHz network (not compatible with 5 GHz), facilitating effortless pairing via both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Please note, this is not a Dimmer Switch.

**Multi-Control Association**: Revolutionize your 3-way circuits (2 switches controlling 1 light) with our innovative multi-control association feature. Connect this switch to other WiFi smart switches via our user-friendly app, enabling seamless operation in both 3-way and single pole circuit setups. The anti-scratch tempered glass panel seamlessly fits any home decor, allowing for effortless touch control. Additionally, you can associate this switch with multiple other switches within the app.

**Versatile Control Options**: Choose your preferred control method - Smart Life app, touch control, voice commands, or the built-in RF433 frequency. This unique setup allows control through RF remote control switch with 1527 encoding (remote not included). Each control mode operates independently, offering convenient multi-control options by associating with other smart switches.

**Remote Control Convenience**: Experience the added convenience of controlling your lights remotely with features integrated into the upgraded Smart Life Tuya App. This includes remembering the last status (ON/OFF relay) even after a power outage and adjustable backlight settings. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home for hands-free voice control, and accessible through the Smart Life/Tuya app from anywhere, anytime.

**Personalized Scheduling and Timers**: Tailor your connected appliances' usage with precision through customizable schedules, timers, and countdown options (ranging from 1/5/30 mins to 1 hour, and more) available within the app. Share control with family and friends for added convenience and efficient home management.

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